Don’t leave summer fuel in vehicles over winter

 In Louth Times

Advice from Louth Tractors this winter is to ensure that summer fuel is not left in tanks over the winter months, without additives.

Louth Tractors fuel additives specialist, Simon Greenfield, explains why this could damage vehicles and potentially land you with a repair bill.

“Due to the wet autumn and lack of cultivation and drilling activity, most agricultural vehicles have still got summer fuels in the tanks.

“Summer fuel differs from winter fuel because the latter has an additive in it to stop it freezing,” explains Simon.

“Any tractors, combines or forklifts that still have summer fuel in the tanks are prone to the fuel waxing and then blocking the filters, which could result in farmers having to call out a technician to change the filters and bleed the system,” he says.

Louth Tractors stocks additives which can be added to summer fuels to stop them freezing.

“This can be used for storage tanks and vehicles that currently contain summer fuel. The product we recommend is Exocet Antiwax C01236D and the recommended trade rate is 1 litre to 1,000 litres of fuel. This product is sold in many sizes from 200ml, 500ml, 1L to 5L containers,” adds Simon.

For more information, please call the parts team at Louth Tractors on 01507 605441 or pop in for a chat.