Sumo 4m DTS (EX-DEMO)



SUMO 4m DTS drill


The DTS is specifically designed to enable farmers and contractors to exploit the advantages of strip-tillage, but with the versatility to be equally effective in plough-based and minimal tillage systems.

Strip-Tillage is a one-pass establishment system that combines the soil drying and warming benefits of minimal tillage with the soil protecting advantages of direct (no-till) drilling, by creating a seedbed only where the seed is to be planted leaving the soil in-between the bands undisturbed.

Potential benefits of the system also include improved timeliness of establishment through speed and high outputs, and improved soil structure (with a higher organic content, better drainage and less erosion). In most instances, there are also significant savings in cost and time over minimal tillage: up to 32% and 39%, respectively.

On the Sumo DTS, on each coulter unit, a leading opener disc cuts through the trash and is followed by a deep-loosening tine that relieves compaction below the seedlings to provide a friable, well aerated and drained environment for excellent germination. Covering disc channel loosend earth over the seed, placed in the loosened strip by an opener boot, and excellent seed-to-soil contact is provided by a foam-filled press wheel that also governs drilling depth.

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  • 2018 (EX-DEMO)
  • Hopper capacity 3000 Litres
  • Transport width- 2.8m


£ 47,000

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