Eco Muck Spreader



The Ktwo Eco range of twin vertical beater rear discharge muck spreaders are great for farmers and contractors looking for a lighter duty manure spreader,  which is still capable of spreading products with good accuracy and outputs. 

This range of smaller capacity models are available in capacities of 5-7.5 tonnes. With a range of optional extras such as slurry doors, rear rotor canopies and wind up jacks, the Eco can be specified to suit most requirements.


  • Open flighted rotors with 417rpm rotation speed
  • 6-tooth spiral flight construction
  • Rögelberg rotor drive gearbox
  • Two 14mm grade 80 marine chains, with a combined breaking strain of 48 tonnes
  • Hardened boron steel rotor teeth
  • 50mm diameter, six-sprocket high tensile floor drive shaft 


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