New rules are the mother of all regulations

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New European safety regulations become the law next year and every tractor operator needs to know. Tractor Mother Regulations (TMR) come into force from 1st January 2018 for all new tractors sold in Europe, and all non-TMR units must be registered by 31st December 2017.

Braking requirements
Hydraulic trailer brakes will need the same fail safe features as pneumatic trailer brakes for T1a tractors – that means adding a new, dual line hydraulic system with an added safety valve so pressure is required to release the trailer brakes. For T1b tractors capable of more than 40 km/h pneumatic trailer brakes are now mandatory.

Graduated control of trailer park break
When the emergency brake is applied there has to be a proportional braking action on the pneumatic trailer brakes. A load cell monitors the operator’s effort applied to the emergency brake lever and this signals the amount of braking effort to be applied through an electronically controlled brake valve.

Brake pedal latch detection
For safe road operation the independent brake pedals should always be latched together. For T1b tractors there’s an additional safety logic controlled by a new pedal latch mechanism.

Parking brake test
The operator should be able to test the parking brake from the driver’s seat on both tractor and trailer. A parking brake test switch is required to disable the braking to the trailer when the tractor park brake is applied.