Introducing the Bomford Dyna- Drive 

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For those of a certain age the Dyna-Drive from Bomford will be a familiar machine! As the saying goes ‘every dog has its day’, and the Dyna-Drive is enjoying a new day . The concept is simple and effective , a ground driven cultivator suitable for shallow cultivation’s in all soil types at high speed .
Key Features;
* Self driven, no shafts and gear boxes 
* Moves all the soil in a digging action 
* Does not shear soil profile 
* Suitable to desiccate cover crops and weeds 
* Low power requirement
* Can be used as a secondary cultivator
* Low running costs 
* Reduction of herbicide needs in regenerative and organic systems
* Very simple to operate 

This machine has been around for some time , it was originally designed by the NIAE. Basically the front rotor spade tines engage the soil and drive a second smaller roller slightly faster than the travel speed to give the digging action. 
Today the machine is slightly heavier, uses a convention packer roller and the only drive chain is now endless running in an oil bath .

We have a 3m demo machine at Louth Tractors for your evaluation . Call us if you have any interest in either a chat or a demonstration .