Choose the Axial-Flow Combine

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Proven to produce the highest grain quantity and quality, the Case IH Axial-Flow combines are effective on all farming land regardless of size, crop and condition. The Axial-Flow combine from Case IH, is designed to deliver exceptional fuel economy and impressive horsepower.

From header to spreader, the Axial–Flow 40 series and the 50 series systems are designed to be
reliable and preserve the quality of over 134 different grain types. The Axial–Flow combine is a leader in the industry with features such as having the largest cleaning systems, most innovative drive systems, and largest selection of headers.

 Why Buy an Axial-Flow combine harvester?

With over 40 years of threshing, the Axial-Flow is simple but reliable. The single rotor does both the threshing and grain separation, meaning there are less moving parts to worry about, so lowers the cost to own.

10 reasons why you should choose the Axial-Flow from Louth Tractors:

  1. Rotor technology – 40 years of perfecting the quality of threshing.
  2. Innovation – Fully automated combine harvester.
  3. Versatility – The headers range from 16ft to 41ft.
  4. Cleaning power – The cross-flow cleaning system creates the ultimate cleaning power
  5. Cab comfort – Offering the same as home comforts
  6. Precision equals performance – Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect allows you to remotely monitor and manage your farm, fleet and data.
  7. Unbeatable residue management – 4 different operating modes are available. Normal chopping mode, long straw spreading, swathing with chaff and swathing without chaff.
  8. Efficient power transmission – The Axial–Flow can work at peak load requirements while maximising fuel economy.
  9. Peace of mind – Lower operating costs, fewer moving parts that could malfunction and has an excellent back up service.
  10. Louth Tractors servicing – Our qualified engineers are experts in Case IH machines and parts and offer a dedicated service to help to keep your machines working all year round, this includes extended harvest opening hours for increased support and machine servicing.