Reduce soil compaction with the Case IH Quadtrac CVX

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The impact of soil compaction is well documented, but the significance is often underestimated.

Compacted soils can cut crop yields by up to 50% due to reduced aeration, increased resistance to root penetration, poor internal drainage and limited availability of plant nutrients.

One of the benefits of the Case IH Quadtrac CVX is more even weight distribution than two-track systems, reducing compaction. This can lead to numerous benefits like better flotation and traction and easier transport. The Quadtrac distributes loads evenly across the length of each track – even with the added weight of a load putting force into the rear tracks.

Aside from even distribution rate and easier transport, the Case IH Quadtrac CVX is the first high-horsepower articulated tracked tractor and the most powerful, producing up to 613hp. The machine brings operational and efficiency benefits of continuously-variable transmission to the articulated tracked tractor market. This fuel-efficient tractor is a great addition to your elite fleet.

Key features of the Quadtrac CVX:

  • Powered by electronically controlled 12.9-litre Cursor 13 six-cylinder engines
  • Each turbocharger has its own cooling system, providing 30% faster response under load
  • Diesel capacity of 1,230 litres
  • Full power availability at low ground speeds
  • Full hydraulic flow availability at low ground speeds
  • Active hold control
  • Automatic Productivity Management (APM)
  • Continuously-Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • The engine meets Stage IV emissions legislation
  • Great fuel economy
  • The biggest cab and the best 360° visibility in the industry
  • Premium cab comfort with electronic climate control
  • Maximum traction with minimum soil compaction

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