Teagle Handy 250

This is a great deal on a high-quality Teagle Handy mower. Built for performance and reliability, it comes with a whole range of features for ease of use, plus it's shot blasted and has a high-quality paint finish, so it looks the business too.


  • Hydraulically adjustable
  • 2.5m/3m cut width
  • Cat 2 linkage
  • Rotors each fitted with two heavy duty flail blades for professional finish
  • Hydraulic side-shift and articulated cutting head offers unsurpassed access
  • Suitable for mowing material up to 2cm
  • Rear mounted model

Price: on request

For more info or to book a demo call 01507 605441 or email admin@louthtractors.co.uk


Funded by: The EU's Rural Development policy

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