HM Trailers

As the local dealer for HM Trailers in Lincolnshire. Louth Tractors has witnessed the increase in popularity in the HM brand and range.

HM Trailers can supply a wide range of trailers for virtually all your farming needs,

Grain Trailers, Tri Axle Grain Trailers, Utility Trailers, Root Crop Trailers, Low-Loader Trailers,  HYD Beavertail Trailers, Bale/Palet Trailers, Implement Trailers, Dump Trailers, Hooklift Trailers, and Bowser Trailers.

CLICK HERE to see the full range of HM Trailers

HM Trailers specialise in bespoke trailers that address many of the common problems encountered, such as difficulties with tipping in low barns and the inability to keep up with modern combine capacities.

Their choice of tyres is exceptionally high, choosing hard wear and long lasting rubber, suitable for each individual job.

Louth Tractors John Smith said; "Since we became the HM Trailer preferred dealer for Lincolnshire we have seen a positive increase in sales and interest for this bespoke product. We are also in a good position to offer demos on farm, so you can certainly TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with an HM from LT !"

HM Trailers, with their specially designed chassis are certainly appealing to more and more farmers across the whole country. "They are a credible alternative, well made, well designed and offer a good range to suit most needs." Said John.

Louth Tractors can also arrange an HM Trailer for hire as well as offering some of the ex hire fleet for sale. There are always a lot of HM available/

Give any of the LT team a call to arrange your demo on Louth 605441.




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