Great deals on Harlequin tanks

We are the main Lincolnshire stockist for Harlequin tanks, and we have some great, exclusive
deals which are available only through Louth Tractors. Harlequin offers two varieties of tank:
HQi (Standard Bunded) and ITE / ITT (Code ITE for bottom outlet and code ITT for top outlet).
HQi Tanks come complete with standard tank fittings, whereas ITE tanks come complete with a
range of fittings and accessories, the most important one being an electronic oil monitor for
fuel management and security.

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Harlequin tank

Harelquin 1400ITE

Each tank is bunded with a double walled design. This double wall protects your oil in the
event of the inner tank splitting. The outer skin of a bunded oil tank can contain 110% of the
inner tank's capacity. Before purchasing an oil tank, always ensure that you have
chosen a bunded option
. Oil leaks which occur as a result of a single skin tank failure, can
lead to clean-up costs in excess of £50,000. That's why Harlequin urges its customers to
'Buy safe, Buy Bunded'.

Features the 1400 ITE/ITT

  • Electronic oil monitor
  • 32mm Gauge fitting point
  • Bottom outlet fitting kit (ITE) or Top outlet fitting kit (ITT)
  • 2" fill point
  • 4" lockable inspection point
  • lockable manhole access
  • Atkinson Tanktop, outlet connection (ITT)
  • LRC fail safe overfill prevention probe
  • 1" BSP (F) outlet connection (ITE)
  • Vent

Harlequin 1450

Harlequin 1450l ITE

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer of oil and fuel tanks, Harlequin has featured
integral bunding as standard in all of its heating oil tanks. A 'Bunded' tank features a tank
within a tank design and is designed to protect heating oil in the event of the inner tank
splitting. Should your single skin oil tank split, the contents will seep into the surrounding
environment. Not only will this result in homeowners losing a tank of valuable oil, but it could
also incur clean up costs of up to £50,000. Buy Safe, Buy Bunded.

Harlequin HQi bunded oil tanks have been designed for customers who do not require the
additional technological benefits as featured on all Harlequin 'iTank' oil storage tanks. HQi
bunded oil tanks offer a 'no nonsense' oil storage solution and are available in 11 different
tank capacities, ranging from 350 litres, to 3,500 litres.

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Features of the 1450 HQi

  • 33mm drilled and plugged gauge hole
  • 2" fill point
  • 4" lockable inspection point
  • lockable manhole access
  • 1" BSP (F) outlet connection
  • Vent
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